I work with companies and organisations to create tangible innovation. With a post graduation from the HPI School of Design Thinking, roots in Visual Design and rich work experience in both fields, I generate ideas for services and processes. Most importanly I help bring them to life. I am ready to dive into every subject - but projects around healthcare innovation, brand building and gender related topics attract me the most.




Optimizing nurse workflows in South Africa
SMS based service


How to improved the workflow of healthcare providers in the public sector where there is little money and even less time to adapt to change? Building on existing resources and behaviours we designed SUMMO, an SMS based communication service for nurses working in Mobile Clinics in rural areas of South Africa. The idea for the service was born out in a co creation workshop with the nurses and my team from the HPI School of Design Thinking. If you want to hear the whole story with its ups and downs, I will be presenting it on XX:XX:XX at XXX. Here I took care of: Pilot Project Lead, Prototyping, Service Design, Workshops, Storyboard, Logo, CI


Leading new thinking


How to get a chemical and pharmaceutical company into acting more user centred and to create tangilbe innovations in a short time span? You take five people, with five different backgrounds form five countries and give them five weeks and one technology, one Design Thinking coach and a support in prototype building. I had the pleasure to lead this team through this experience, introduce them new ways of thinking and working and help build prototypes. These prototypes were presented to a large audience in the company. The astonishment about what could be done in such a short period of time was huge. Due to confidentiality reasons the client must stay unnamed. Here I was responsible for Workshop Design, Coaching, Team Lead, Prototyping


Rethinking political education web quiz


What are the life choices that still lead to financial dependencies of women in Germany ? In colaboration with the German Trade Union (DGB) and the German Ministry of Family Affairs I have crafted a web quizin order to raise awareness for life’s potential pitfalls of financial dependencies. The old campaigns impact was decreasing which is why we came up with a web based concept. I designed a playful interface which was using gamification elements such as rewarding badges for the different types of potential girls. Here I was in charge of: Concept, Webdesign, Badge Illustration